High schools & learning centers

Designated for young women struggling with assorted challenges

Ranging from girls on the brink of dropping out of school and girls who are estranged from their homes and communities.

Our Goal

Creating a stable, professional and superior educational framework.


Matriculation (Bagrut) Studies

Variety of study tracks with small learning groups facilitated by personal instruction and support; vocational and career studies in the fields of technology, computers, photography, graphics and beauty.

Life Skills

Enrichment courses in the realms of music, animal care (horses and dogs), nature and arts. These courses encompass assorted therapies.

Limudei Kodesh (Jewish Studies)

Professional & Career Training

An Uplifting Atmosphere

Delicious, nourishing meals

Social activities

Night activities


Personal consultation & support


Our Partners




Romema-Central Bus Station
Bar Ilan
Mekor Baruch

Contact Us

Ayala, Placement Director
Tel: (972) 717-3033
Whatsapp: (972) 58-791-5532

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