Telem Center


Founded in 2006, Telem Center supports young women from the charedi sector who are floundering in the standard education system. With warmth, care and a nonjudgmental approach, we help them navigate the challenges and rocky years of adolescence through a range of formal and informal educational programs that build self-esteem and empower them to reconnect to themselves, their families and the frum community. Telem further reaches out to girls who have already lost all faith in the community and their families (and sadly, whose families have also lost faith in them). These young women suffer confusion, shattered identities and dreams and require a warm, guiding, loving hand and solid ground to start fresh, build and goals, and reclaim their confidence and lives. In addition, Telem offers comprehensive materials and resources and serves as a strong, supportive network to parents and educators who cope daily with the myriad challenges of raising teenagers (girls and boys).
Telem Center is a dynamic and pioneering organization that founds, develops and operates innovative, life-changing programs for young women, their parents and families. At Telem, we’re committed to imbuing struggling young woman with hope for a better tomorrow and varied opportunity to start fresh, strive for success, and achieve their goals. Through our warm, supportive and accepting environment, we teach girls on the brink of despair to respect themselves, appreciate their self-worth and the community around them, and choose positive, constructive activity over escape, anger and resentment.
Our Vision
Telem’s vision is to found a nationwide network of programs within five years that will serve as a supportive community for parents and teens at risk (boys and girls) from the charedi and National Religious sectors. We’re committed to generating deep internal changes within the frum community’s perspective of kids at risk, poverty and misfortune, and reframing it into a healthy attitude that invites change and healthy coping tactics both for individuals and the community. The warm, inviting atmosphere at Telem Centers fosters sentiments of belonging and imbues every teen with the knowledge and comfort that they are eternally connected to themselves, their families, their societies and their communities, wherever they may be physically or spiritually. Telem reinforces that that they are part of a powerful, accepting society with a broad range of options for social and career advancement.
Our Beneficiaries
Telem operates and collaborates with a range of outstanding programs and centers that offer swift professional response and support to young women from the charedi sector and their families. Our association extends support to young women from every stream and congregation, Israelis and olim, FFBs and baalei teshuvah. At Telem, everyone feels at home! In the course of 2021, we’re proud to have provided real, life-changing assistance to over 1,000 young women ages 12-23, as well as support and guidance to over 4,000 parents struggling with heartbreaking cases of children at risk.

Wherever You Are. Whenever You Need.

Telem’s Teen Hubs are spread across Jerusalem and offer a range of vital services 24/7.  These centers have absorbed thousands of young women from Jerusalem and the periphery at all hours of the day and night, on regular days, holidays and Motzaei Shabbosos. Our Hubs were even open during Covid-19, serving as a necessary haven for young women at risk.


Our Services


High schools and learning centers offering Bagrut matriculation studies, vocational study tracks and enrichment courses, all in a warm, open, accepting and safe environment.

Teen Clubs

Informal education and activities led by professionals that offer self-empowerment courses; job placement services; delicious, nourishing meals; and exciting social events during the evening, nights and vacations.

Preparing for the Future

Telem’s Yotzot Lachaim (Get Started on Life) program promotes volunteerism in the community; teaches essential life and social skills, self-empowerment and the foundations of building a Jewish home; offers a range of professional and career training courses; facilitates job placement and escorts young women as they enter the workforce.

Training Center for Parents & Educators

Instruction, consultation and counseling for parents and educators coping with contemporary chinuch challenges. Telem’s Training Center offers seminars and workshops for educators; workshops for parents; lectures, events and fieldwork.



Offering personal, customized guidance to each and every young woman with warmth and dignity.

Studies & Career Training

Ensuring equal opportunities for every young woman who aspires for scholastic achievement or professional career training.

Strong Identity

Reinforcing young women’s personal identity, self-confidence and stability in every situation and stage in life.

Choose Life

Imparting knowledge and capacity to choose and start fresh at any time and in every circumstance.

Consultations & Personal Guidance

Availing appropriate guidance to teens facing challenges and dilemmas.

Secure Future

Building homes and careers with confidence and emotional stability.

Our Achievements

Throughout 17 years at Telem Center, we’ve reaped the following successes:

We’ve supported over 15,000 young women struggling through various life challenges.

We’ve availed resources and guidance to thousands of parents and educators.

Through our activities, collaboration and positive relations with parties in the community, we’re generating a nationwide revolution and transforming the lives of thousands of young women by offering them a warm, accepting setting and granting them myriad opportunities to pursue successful careers and build their futures with dignity.

We’ve founded and currently operate a broad range of innovative formal and informal educational projects that offer professional career training to young women and encourage volunteerism in the community.

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