Leaving home – unwillingly; abandoning family,parents and siblings because it’s the only way you are going to survive.
These are the scenarios we see every day. Girls who have no choice but to leave their childhood home, the home that is supposed to accept them with unconditional love and warmth, because it is destroying them.
To to survive they have to leave!
Pa’amonit was established as an emergency response to the facts on the ground – a sheltered alternative home, that provides the most basic needs – a bed, food, a shower, someone to talk to, and the strength to carry on…
This is a place where girls are protected from the streets and from exploitation. Here they experience safety, warmth and support.
365 days a year, 24 hours a day, we are here so these beautiful girls can thrive and not just survive!

Location: 5 Yehuda HaMaccabi St., Jerusalem

Partnering Organizations: 5 Yehuda HaMaccabi St., Jerusalem

Our Goals:

A warm home for every girl to come back to if she finds herself without a roof over her head.

Target Population:

Girls from religious homes at very high risk
Ages 14-18
Grades 9-12


2 Social Workers

Number Of Participants:

Approximately 10 girls

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