High School HaPa'amon - Adi

She was thrown out of her high school. She says it was all their fault. They say she didn’t follow the rules. We found her in some out-of-the-way street corner, not knowing why she was there or where she was going. 
We sat with her, spoke to her, and today, she is with us – completing her high school matriculation diploma. 
With counseling, support, an array of services, and a whole lot of love, she came home to TELEM. Today, she has a plan for her future – to volunteer in a community service project and then get a university degree. 
Our HaPa’amon High School branch was established to service the academic, treatment and rehabilitative needs of girls from religious homes who are already at high risk. This is reflected – among other things – in a state of disconnect from both their personal and religious identities.
The primary purpose of our high school is to serve as the professional address – both on an academic and treatment level – for every girl excluded from her family and community, or thrown out of her normative frameworks, for whatever reason. We seek to provide her with the academic, treatment and rehabilitative support she needs to bring her back as a fully-functioning member of her community.

Location: 5 Yehuda HaMaccabi St., Jerusalem

Partnering Organizations: Beit Shulamit Foundation,Yedidut Toronton

Our Goals:

Identifying girls at risk

Academic, therapeutic and rehabilitative support
Restoring girls to normative communal life

Target Population:

Girls from religious homes at high risk 

Ages 14-18
Grades 9-12


Educational Advisor

Number Of Participants:

Approximately 25 girls

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