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Leaving for Life

Hundreds of 18-year-olds are finishing their educational frameworks and excitedly striding into the adult world. However, for those without family support – or those whose families put them at risk – this is a critical life junction.
In effect, now that high school is over, the 18 year old is expected to begin life as an independent adult. In reality, many of our students who completed their studies in non-traditional settings, came from homes that endangered or abused them, and are now incapable of taking responsibility for themselves as adults. They find themselves on the street, trying to survive, and thus they become the next generation in crisis.
The "Leaving for Life" program is individually adapted to each girl and addresses four spheres of an 18 year old's life. As a result they leave equipped with a toolkit for successful adulthood.
* Identity building -using positive values and creating individual stability.
* Education -completing matriculation exams, preparation for psychometric testing, making available professional courses and whatever else is needed. Volunteer placement - community service assignments and ongoing support to succeed in that role
*Moving on - employment and vocational training and placement; pre-marital counseling and choosing a spouse

Location: Malcha, Bayit Vegan, Romema and downtown Jerusalem

Partnering Organizations: The Volunteering Association

Our Goals:

Remove girls from the cycle of crisis
Prepare them for a productive, independent, adult life

Target Population:

Girls from religious homes who have left home for lack of family support
Ages 18-22


Social workers Teachers

Number of Participants:

Approximately 80 girls


Approximately $125,000