Kol Chana Youth Center

The lack of a stable relationship in a child’s life causes a snowball effect. Unfortunately, this is strongly evident in the Neve Ya’akov neighborhood of Jerusalem, a community whose child population is 70% religious – and which has a record-breaking percentage of children thrown out of educational institutions. 
This phenomenon has gotten worse in recent years. There are growing numbers of Orthodox dropouts, even young girls. Some cases are known, while others are kept private, but all are characterized by learning difficulties, emotional issues, behavioral problems and/or spiritual challenges. 
Every single one of these girls is at risk of spiraling downhill, through exposure to a negative peer group and other harmful influences that can endanger her wellbeing and healthy development. Of course, these experiences are compounded by an already poor self-image and feelings of worthlessness due to a history of failure in so many different areas of life.
Midreshet Kol Chana was established to be a voice for these girls. Here, every girl who has been trapped in the snare of learning, emotional, behavioral or spiritual difficulties, can find a listening ear, professional advice, and non-judgmental acceptance of her current reality.

Location: 38 Sderot Neve Ya’akov St., Neve Ya’akov, Jerusalem

Partnering Organizations: Welfare Department and Community Administration, Neve Ya’akov

Our Goals:

Identifying girls at risk of dropping out 
Promoting their emotional, social and academic advancement 
Providing systematic support

Target Population:

Girls from Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox homes in the Neve Ya’akov neighborhood
Ages 14-18


Social Worker

Number Of Participants:

Approximately 60 girls

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