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High School for Music and Art

A high school that goes well beyond lessons and homework ; Well beyond student-teacher relationships; Well beyond tests and grades…
The High School for Music and Arts (Olamot) is sometimes the only connection our students have to the mainstream world. Here they learn English and Math, but they also learn life skills. They are tested in Tenach and history, but at the same time they are receiving A’s for advancing through life’s daily personal challenges.
The High School for Music and Arts was established in 2006 as an option for girls at risk in the Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox sectors – girls who could not find their place in the mainstream system, due to learning issues, behavioral issues, or other reasons.
The High School for Music and Arts is a powerful tool for empowering these teenage girls in so many different ways. We help them grow academically, emotionally, and socially, increasing their self-esteem, and providing them with a supportive, home-like setting from which they can move with confidence into their future. There we continue assisting them, helping to move them into the next phase of their lives, whether that is higher academic learning, securing employment or finding a husband.

Location: 16 Aholiav Street, Romema, Jerusalem

Partnering Organizations: Beit Shulamit Foundation “Common Sense” Fund Glencore Foundation

Our Goals:

To prepare these girls for normative living
Social skills, self-awareness, and full Matriculation diploma

Target Population:

Girls from religious homes unable to find their place in a normative setting.
Ages 14-18
Grades 9-12


Educational Advisor

Number of Participants:

Approximately 100 girls


Approximately $780,000 annually