Bayit Cham

On our nighttime strolls through the streets of the city, we meet tens of lost girls, who are seeking themselves. They are trying to forget their past, and have lost all hope for their future. Their goal is simply to survive day by day, to get through the chill of the night.

They are starving in the full meaning of the word. Starving for a warm, nutritious meal. Starving for a kind word. Starving for a drop of affection. Mercaz Telem runs the Hazula youth center in the center of Jerusalem. This center provides support and dynamic social activities for girls who are permanently on the streets. Our warm, dedicated staff works untiringly, together with top of the line professionals, to help these girls.

Hazula serves as a substitute for the bars and street gangs, and gives the girl a chance to build a relationship with our staff, as they develop a specially-tailored action plan for her.

At Hazula, we offer a wide array of classes, activities and workshops, giving the girls practical skills for life and helping them get out of their dangerous cycle.

Location: 3 King George St. City Center, Jerusalem

Partnering Organizations: Beit Shlomo Foundation, Glencore Foundation, Yedidut Toronto

Our Goals:

Identifying girls at risk, providing support and social activities and creating a fun, secure environment

Target Population:

Girls “on the fringe”
Ages 14-20


Social Worker

Number of Participants:

About 60 girls

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